An efficient tool to time markets

At Spectralwaves we dedicate ourselves to analyze market cycles in order to provide timely investment opinions.


an effective method for market timing

Spectralwaves is a tool that helps you identify trends and assess risks and rewards, based on a high-level statistical analysis. Our unique software, advanced analytics and a top customer support are what constitutes our success.


The service is aimed at institutional investors and industry professionals who seek to make better decisions based on a reliable model.

Dr. Gömöri’s Methodology

Unique Software

Continuous Client Support


derived from The Behavioural Finance Theory, Benoit Mandelbrot’s chaos theory, pattern recognition methods, and years of Dr. Laszlo Gömöri’s research

Our tool enables:

-Early trend recognition
-Timing of future market tops and bottoms
-Calculation of price targets

Our powerful filters are helping investors to recognize efficiently uptrends and downtrends in financial assets. The use of graphs based on weekly, daily and hourly price data provides the possibility to work in different investment time horizons:

– Weekly (up to two years)
– Daily (up to six months)
– Hourly (few days up to a few weeks)


inspired by a unique development

of Dr. Laszlo Gömöri

Founding Spectralwaves was inspired by a unique development of Dr. Laszlo Gömöri: his own, proprietary statistical timing methodology.

Mr. Gömöri has over 20+years of experience in financial markets, working for UBS, Sarasin and Pictet, where he held the CMO position. He holds a Doctorate in Corporate Finance from the University of Basel and an MBA from Babson College (USA).

In 2010 Dr. Gömöri developed his own proprietary statistical timing methodology. After successful testing, the technology was computerized and Spectralwaves came to life.

Since 2015, it is assisting institutional clients, providing them with a complex service to time markets.

Mr. Gömöri is still personally engaged in our services, providing support to our customers.

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